So There Is A Massive Comet Heading Toward Earth.

Thank God!

Be Afraid

I was just starting to run out of things to worry about. Although we are getting into Murder Hornet season. So that’s bad.

This just in. On April 14, 2022 there is going to be an “Enormous G2 Level solar storm” that could cause a geomagnetic storm that could destroy our electrical grid and related products”. So that’s bad but, on the plus side with all the lights out we should be able to see the Aurora Borealis.

The “situation in the Ukraine” is getting to be old news because an all out thermonuclear war in europe doesn’t scare me anywhere near as much as a new covid variant that could possibly give me the sniffles. You can get a test to see if you have covid if you are not sure. So that’s good. I don’t think there is a test to let you know if you have been vaporized by a nuclear blast though. So that’s bad.

The supply chain disruptions due to all aforementioned disasters are predicted to cause food shortages all over the world. So that’s bad. I have a herb garden on my deck so I should be OK. That’s good.

There is now rapidly increasing hyper inflation predicted to bring on a financial crisis the likes of which have never been seen before in modern society. So that’s bad. I have a jar of change in my night stand, soooooo, that isn’t actually much help.

It is increasingly obvious that the evil overlords from the World Economic Forum are taking over western governments in order to do a Great Reset of our economic and social systems. They put forth that we are in the midst of a “Fourth Industrial Revolution” where we will not change what we do but who we are with the god like ability of the elite to evolve humans via gene editing. I don’t know how all that will be accomplished but it sounds bad.

Be Safe!

Fortunately I have super powers afforded me by wearing a face mask and social distancing. I feel super safe. I don’t even wear a seatbelt anymore.

Live in fear or don’t. I suggest praying that there is a god.

As always this is just my opinion.

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