Slow Motion To Slavery

I found out about this unbelievable law in late November which is now passed.

This bill threatens doctors with jail time and huge fines for having an opinion that differs from the prescribed narrative of government bureaucrats. I guess there is no such thing as a second opinion anymore. Do what you are told.

Search and Seizure

If healthcare workers are found to be dispensing “unacceptable views” they are subject to warrantless search and seizure of property and records. Say goodbye to doctor/patient privacy. Your medical records now belong to the government. Don’t worry, it’s for the greater good.

Take The Medicine

The bill also requires healthcare workers to take whatever vaccine goo they tell you to or face losing your job and or licence. Bonnie Henry says that’s OK because it’s no longer a mandate, it’s a regulation (because of this bill it is law). Oooooh a “regulation”, that makes me feel better.


Anybody who has looked into this ends up with the conclusion that none of the theater of the last 3 years has anything to do with health. The narrative is rapidly falling apart. It is increasingly hard to cover up the mounting evidence of fraud, malfeasance, corruption and incompetence of the people in positions of power. The finger pointing has already begun. My favorite is the health agencies “re-examining” trial data that was available 2 years ago and are NOW seeing “safety signals”.

I can understand doctors and nurses initially going with the “safe and effective” narrative because it’s the regulatory bodies that they trust that have this responsibility. After the events of the last 3 years I am dumbfounded that anyone in healthcare believes these people anymore and now they have new overwhelming powers to shut you up.

Why Did This Bill Get Passed So Quickly & Quietly?

Although this bill has been in the works for a couple years, it was suddenly passed in record time. Why? I think the real reason is in section 399 Statutory Immunity for Protected Persons. I think the backlash for the obvious overreach in this bill will cause some amendments to be made but 399 is going to stay. The rats are covering their collective asses.

What Can Be Done?

I have talked to many people about this alarming bill and to my surprise most are not concerned. I don’t get it. If you are awake and understand the horrible road this type of law takes us down, then it is time to make your voice heard. There is a rally at David Eby’s offices Wednesday January 18, 2023. Starting¬† at 12 noon organized by Stand United BC. Click the link for details or contact them.

This is what seems to be a first for western “civilization”. BC is a test case for western tyranny. Let’s not wait till they march us into the ovens before we object. Currently Canada is a leader in killing it’s citizens with the MAiD act. Let’s not let it get to the next level.

Of course this is just my opinion.

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