Prince Charles Saves The Planet – This Is Not A Joke

Only a prince could come up with an idea like this! It’s amazing! The genius of it cannot be measured!

From Newsweek:

“Prince Charles has been mocked for backing a climate change initiative that would see a proportion of methane emitted by cows converted into CO2 and water vapor via special catalytic converter fitted masks. ”

cow filterThat’s right folks. One of the people who is the group of mega powerful unelected influencers currently calling the shots on how the world is to be run, has endorsed the plan to put cattlitic(haha) converters on cows to turn their burps into water vapor. I don’t know how this will be implemented because if they are anything like auto catalytic converters, they get stolen a lot. I think it would be a lot easier to steal a cow converter than a car converter. The insurance is probably gonna be kinda steep. Critics of the plan think cows won’t like it.

I know I am always a glass half empty kinda a guy but it could be a business opportunity! Recycling stolen cow converters.

A good idea might be to tap the amazing intellect of Prince Charles and see what other futuristic ideas he has up his sleeve. The Prince is a big fan of planting trees and he feels it is important to talk to them, shake hands and wish them well. Maybe I could get into selling safety gloves for the trees. Who knows what else the Prince has been shaking. Stay safe!


If I had proposed this idea in public I am sure I would be getting a brain scan now. Are we really so far gone as a society that we will go along with whatever one of these elite suggests in the name of health or climate change?

God help us

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