You are over 50 now, you have some investments, your home is paid for, your kids have flown the coop and you have a good job.

Questions to ask yourself

You have a few years left before retirement so what should you invest in? Should you invest in anything? What is your risk tolerance like? Is your marriage secure? Is your job secure? Will your job be made obsolete? What about your health? Life insurance? Disability insurance?

There is definitely a lot to think about here. I don’t claim to have answers there are just outcomes that I have experienced. I was ready to retire by 45 but I really did keep my head buried in the sand. It is amazing how fast things can go downhill when your income stream slows or dries up completely. 

What can go wrong?

My mindset as a younger man was that I could continue to work 7 days a week forever and never thought that my business would become irrelevant or wiped out by a giant corporation. I did not see a divorce coming. I did not see the great financial crisis of 2008 coming. I did not see a major health issue coming. I could have seen this things coming but I got comfortable, thinking everything would stay the same.

What you can learn from this blog

Fortunately for readers I did a lot of things wrong and some things right therefore you have the rare opportunity to learn from someone else’s mistakes. The reason I started this blog because the gurus of blog writing say you should write about things you know about. Well I know about the outcomes of my experiences in Marriage, Divorce, Business, Investing, sickness and recovery so learn from me. 

I don’t have any advice here but I talk about what I did wrong and what I did right and what I think I should have done in hindsight. I hope to promote discussion and ideas and hopefully some success stories and some fails. Knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do. 

I also post quotes I come across that I think have some insight on the changing world around us that seems to make less sense every day. These are just my opinions so feel free to agree, disagree or just plain set me straight. Please be nice. 

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