This light and airy Public Service Announcement (PSA) was put out by the city of New York.

Apparently there is something to worry about but it’s no big deal. Just go inside. I am surprised that they didn’t come up with a catchy jingle for this one.

I certainly hope going inside in defense of a nuclear blast is safer and more effective than other recent solutions to disasters. I am sure these new and improved bombs would just leave a giant hole where New York State was so I don’t really see how going inside would help much. In defense of the ad though, in the 50’s they said you only needed to hide under a desk so upping the game to being inside must make up for these bombs being hundreds of times more powerful than the old models.

They also tell you to throw your clothes away, have a shower and stay tuned. I am sure the water and electricity will still be working fine after the blast unless everyone plugs their Tesla in at the same time of course.

In the off chance that there is someone still alive trying to rescue people, you might want to put aside your insistence that they use your preferred pronoun. This might be a time put that fight off to another day. Just saying.

In preparation for the big event it might be a good idea to watch some educational documentaries like The Living Dead movies.

It’s important to note governments routinely waste your money on misleading propaganda. In this case I think too many people have been outside and they want them to go inside. So nothing to worry about.

Don’t forget to wear a couple of masks, a life vest, goggles, ear plugs, hard hat and a jock strap just in case.

Stay safe!

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