Meghan Markle for President!

Unfortunately this is not a joke.  Valerie Biden Owens (Joe Biden’s sister), political strategist and campaign manager thinks it’s a great idea. “It’s wonderful to have women in politics, the more women we have the better our democratic system will work,” says Valerie. I don’t know what difference being a woman is, as even newly appointed supreme court justice Ketanji Brown Jackson says she cannot define a woman, as she is not a biologist.

Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Meghan and her totally whipped husband have a boohoo fest on an Oprah interview about the pressures of living a privileged and wealthy royal life so they resigned from the royal family over the abuses suffered at the hands of the Queen, like not getting houses, money and titles as promised. Of course in preparation for her upcoming political career she got in a few shots about racism at the palace.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s done other political stuff too. Like the time she held “high level” meetings with the governors of New York and California at which she called for “Vaccine Equity” and she made a few phone calls to some Republican senators to push for paid parental leave to be signed into US law. That shows gumption!

What more could you want out of the president.

It’s good to know that if the president has to deal with a hostile foreign nuclear power, they have Oprah on speed dial and can quickly set up an interview to bitch about it. Good news!

The bad news is that Ms Biden expects her witty and completely with it brother Joe to win as leader of the “free world” in 2024 so Meghan will have to wait till 2028 to turn the world into paradise. That is unless Wyle E Coyote is running, which will make it a tight race.

I think there are enough people in influential positions that are so delusional at this point that you could get the Great Pumpkin nominated for president. Of course in Canada we wouldn’t get someone that smart nominated. Maybe a lump of turd. Wait a second. That is the current prime minister of Canada.

God help us all.

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