5 Ways To Cope With People Who Still Insist You Wear A Mask

It seems many people are still pretty fanatical about wearing masks and making sure you do too. I put together 5 strategies that I have started to employ when being confronted by a fanatic. Use at your own risk.






  1. Pretend you cannot hear the mask proponent’s tirade about your selfish lack of concern for others through their mask. When they lower their mask to shout at you, freak out about their selfish lack of concern for others.
  2. When asked to put on a mask, say you don’t have one but you would be happy to borrow theirs and promise to give it back when your done using it as a depends.
  3. Threaten to show them a scientific peer reviewed study that shows masks to do more harm than good. This may cause them to have a mental breakdown but don’t feel bad, they were most of the way there anyway.
  4. Say you will put on a face mask if they put on a marine life vest (proven to be safe and effective). After all the more useless layers of protection they have on, the more things they can try to force people to do also in order to “stay safe”. This should make them very happy.
  5. You can compliment them on their dedication to safety and point out that you obviously don’t give a crap about anybody so it would be helpful if they doubled up in order to compensate for your disregard for your fellow carbon based lifeforms (trying to be politically correct here).

I am sure there are other very effective methods so please share in the comments.

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